Clips / Portfolio

Valdy Wiratama has contributed several writing pieces and they have been published by local publications, including The Jakarta Post and Magdalene. You can find the articles by clicking the following titles:

Real Men Cook (And Do Dishes): Gender Equality in the Kitchen

Can a soy sauce ad teaches us something about gender equality at home?




Expressing Vulnerability: A Different Portrayal of Masculinity on the Big Screen

Men experience emotions just as often as they experience physical endurance.



Sam Fender Tuning Out Toxic Masculinity with ‘Dead Boys’

As a single, ‘Dead Boys’ offers a raw depiction of how toxic masculinity can kill men.




Valdy Wiratama has also done some writing during his time as a student in university. One of which that is still circling around on print is the following:

Why So Serious When Game Theory Can be Fun (published by WARTA IE in 2017, under the name ‘A. Devaldi Wiratama’)

Some of the characters’ decision making in The Dark Knight (2008) can be rationalized using a familiar theory in economics.