About the Author

Valdy Wiratama is a 20-something curious George with a penchant for media and performing arts. He is a researcher with a master’s degree in Cultural Economics and a witty sense of humor.

In his downtime, he enjoys writing Op-Ed pieces for external publications. His writings on the subject of pop culture and socioeconomic behavior have been featured on The Jakarta Post and Magdalene. Aside from writing, he likes to read coming of age stories, curate playlists, and analyze films.

Originally, this blog was made to sharpen his amateur writing skill. He divided the topics on this blog into four categories. These categories are labeled as earworm, feature film, small screen, and haute couture. Earworm covers the hottest tunes and their themes, feature film discusses motion pictures, small screen talks about prestige TV, and haute couture is my brief dabble in fashion. You can also find his published writings from other media by going to the Writing Portfolio page.

DISCLAIMER: He does not own any of the pictures in the featured image section on each article. All images belong to the rightful copyright owners. Kindly mind the lack of sources attached to the images since his two remaining brain cells cannot figure out how to properly display them.