About the Author

Valdy Wiratama is an an active learner with a penchant for analytics and culture. He’s a former business analyst with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and is currently pursuing a certificate in data science.

On his downtime, he writes as a hobby and his topic of interest covers media and culture, socioeconomic behavior, as well as general issues about life. Other than writing, he likes to read (mostly nonfiction stories) and analyze films just for the thrill of it.

The topics discussed on this website (though technically a ‘blog’) are divided into four categories, consisting of Funconomics, Popcorn, Earworm, and Life and Other Arts. Funconomics covers unconventional economic materials with a millennial approach in mind, Popcorn discusses motion pictures and small screens, Earworm discusses organized sounds, and Life and Other Stuff is just there to ease the categorization of miscellaneous writings. Meanwhile, writings published by the media can be found in the Clips / Portfolio page.

DISCLAIMER: He does not own any of the pictures in the featured image section of each article. All images belong to the rightful copyright owners. Kindly mind the lack of explicitly mentioned sources since he is not able to figure out how to display them.