Top 5 TV Performances of 2022

Ah… the art of acting.

We saw so many stars giving it their all on the big screen. However, the actors on the small screen have given us some of the more memorable performances of 2022. Here are my top 5 pick for the ones that really stood out:

5. Meghann Fahy – The White Lotus: Sicily

Courtesy of HBO

For my number 5 pick, we’re going off script and praising the act of subtle performances.

Amongst a cast that includes Jennifer Coolidge, Meghann Fahy stood out as the MVP of The White Lotus: Sicily. Her approach to acting is subtle, and her ability to portray emotion through her eyes really came through. Within the span of 26 seconds (as seen on the snippet above), Meghann Fahy managed to portray a silently aching soul that audiences hate to love!

4. Sydney Sweeney – Euphoria Season 2

Courtesy of HBO

Speaking of characters that we hate to love, this one portrayal is for the character that we love to hate.

For the second season of HBO’s acclaimed teen drama, Sydney Sweeney decided to give us her best performance yet. She approached a childish dialog with a trembling quiver, a blink-and-you-miss-it snot, and an impressive timing on her eyebrow movement. How she made her eyes pink is also equally impressive. Truly a testament to her ability to portray a tortured character whose on the brink of insanity!

3. Janelle James – Abbott Elementary Season 1

Courtesy of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC)

And while Euphoria delivered on crafting an intense buildup, the payoff did not bring us any joy like the next performance did.

Janelle James was a stand up comedian before landing a role in Abbott Elementary. Her performance as Ava is amusing and every decision made has resulted to an acute portrayal of an older millennial in crisis. Desperate to be hip, her character always finds a way to disrupt the social setting of a school while maintaining a degree of likability. This is her take on a Michael Scott figure and she ate the girlies up!

2. Jeremy Allen White – The Bear Season 1

Courtesy of FX Networks

For my number 2 pick, this one contains the best monologue of 2022.

Jeremy Allen White is that one talent that people overlook and he showed a great grasp of grief. The beat he took, the breath he sighed, the quiver he hid… everything about this performance is genuine. It felt sincere with the sorrow that he communicated through his eyes. And with that heartfelt delivery from the snippet above, who could possibly beat him for the #1 spot?

1. Zendaya – Euphoria Season 2

Courtesy of HBO and 8FLiX

As if there was a slight sign of competition. Are we even surprised at this point?

Continuing her exceptional turn from the first season, the second season sees the Emmy-winning actress giving it her all in the first 13 minutes of Episode 5. We see her character “Rue” being confronted for her recent drug use and what transpires is an intense screaming match. Packed with emotional grit, Zendaya commands the screen with her body language and remarkable line delivery. Just look at the snippet above!

While this may be the most millennial thing to add, aspiring actors should really learn from how she uses her face muscles and diaphragm to portray a young person in pain.

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