Top 5 Fashion Brands for Menswear in 2022

It’s been a minute.

After meticulously trying to curate my next steps in life, I am returning to a form of content that I’ve always admired. TikToks are cool and stuff, but there’s nothing like browsing through the web during your lunch break!

So if you’re stuck at work, or if you’re trapped in the memory of a calm winter break, here are my top 5 picks for menswear in 2022:

5. ZARA Man

Picture taken from the ZARA website, courtesy of

Yeah yeah I’m basic. Go on and laugh about it. But there’s truly something special about their innovative spin on what young people would wear. Just take a look at the sweatshirt presented above!

Although I wouldn’t go with those many pockets for the pants (and the shoes are treacherous), the sweatshirt remains an aesthetic look for a winter in Europe. And this is what the brand excels at. They are able to take an essential type of clothing and slap a graphic design on it that is both aesthetically pleasing and proportionately placed. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m clicking “add to bag” on their web page.

4. A Day’s March

Picture taken from the A Day’s March website, courtesy of

Okay, I’d be lying to you if I claimed that I was aware of this brand as anything more than a tote bag vendor. But, I did my homework, and they truly have some remarkable clothing selections that are quite intriguing by European standards.

Take their epernay wool overshirt for example. It’s simple yet sturdy, like an elevated take on Nordic basics. For something that is 65% wool, it’s quite a catch! Like their large tote bag that is pictured above.

Now, I understand that skeptics will carry on and express the first thought that comes to mind: is tote bag really a “menswear”? Well, as a(n unfortunate) cis man, I would say, yes! Anything that would maximize our slay should be considered as “menswear”.

3. Henri Bolt

Picture taken from the Henri Bolt website, courtesy of

This next one is a clothing brand that was brought to my attention unwillingly, or, rather more willingly than I thought, thanks to Instagram’s creepy reading of my location. Nevertheless, this brand still slaps with its graphic design and modernized Y2K aesthetic that was tailored to please the stylish crowd of Amsterdam.

Their royal rugby shirt (pictured above) is truly something of an eye-candy, with its blend of spring-like green and perfectly-toned pink. It’s giving “day in the park, but make it fashion”, and we can’t help but to stan. This is one brand that I’m truly excited to follow in 2023!

2. We Are Not Friends

Picture taken from the We Are Not Friends website, courtesy of

No, it’s not Zac Efron’s mediocre film “We Are Your Friends”. In fact, this clothing brand is much more exciting than that clichéd script.

We Are Not Friends is once again brought to my attention by Instagram’s “little helpers”. And though I’m still indecisive about giving my consent to Meta, I am glad that the nosy algo introduced me to this happy hippie brand. But it’s so much more than flowers and rainbows!

Take the team daisy varsity as an example. Pictured above, this cozy attire brings so much more than the feeling of warmth; it also brings joy. The graphics on the embroidery gives it a much-needed high-spirited aesthetic, with the message of love being carefully crafted through the placement of each patch work.

1. Axel Arigato

Picture taken from the Axel Arigato website, courtesy of

And of course, I’m giving all my love to this clothing brand that is surprisingly not from Japan.

Axel Arigato has done it all. From fixing the issues on how some men would look in a normal-collared varsity jacket to producing winter essentials that hug you like a mother, the people behind this brand knows exactly what they’re doing!

My favorite has got to be their inferno monogram sweatshirt (pictured above). This dashing take on color blocking is a dream come true for the dapper men who like to take risk on a pristine patchwork. It’s cluttered yet clean, and the choice of beige is putting “elegance” back to the dictionary of menswear. Truly a feast for the fashion-forward!

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