Pain: A Writing Gem from 2015

Mind the use of this wondrous shot from Her.

In the hours preceding this Sunday morning, I recently discovered something that I had written back in 2015. It was a beautiful piece that was not quite well-written. To be fair, I was 18 so I didn’t know any better. I was still a hopeless romantic whose optimism was somehow able to get him through the day. Although the piece itself was not necessarily about mental illness or the feeling of self-disappointment, it is still worth saving for its unintentional universal theme. With the post and the blog now deleted, here’s a writing gem of mine from 2015.

Some deep level stuff, huh? Even I still got caught up in the last sentence of the piece. This is a personal piece in which I couldn’t remember exactly why it was written. However, I hope this piece is still relevant and somehow resonates with an audience. Think of it as ‘The Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman’ with a millennial twist.

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